Terms and Conditions

Booking Terms and Conditions in Details

    When you make a purchase or reservation, you certify that you are able to accept the terms of these booking conditions as well as the terms of any contract principal for whom we are acting as agent, and that you do so on behalf of your party or dependent. As a result, we kindly request that you take the time to read the terms and conditions set forth below, which apply to all transactions and purchases made with us.
  1. Internet reservations/Reservations made online
    The tourist makes, selects, and reserves online bookings via a central reservation system (online booking engine), and it is his or her responsibility to select the most relevant, accurate, and necessary flight timings, schedules, or other information. However, assistance is provided when the tourist has selected an insufficient or brief time period, or when the tourist needs to make changes to the selected reservation while considering whether those changes are permitted under the terms and conditions of the chosen carrier, airline, etc.

    When a tourist uses a search engine or website and submits a "Flight Order" or "Inquiry email," a travel agent or consultant will call, email, or otherwise contact the inquirer to present available flight and lodging alternatives for booking that are exact matches to the flight order.

    Following an online reservation, an automated response with schedule information is sent.

    After the payment has been charged, a travel agent or consultant will send you a follow-up email to confirm all of the travel and payment details. Tickets are issued once the secondary email has been confirmed, and the secondary email must be responded to before the deadline.

    Full payment is frequently expected at the time of booking, unless otherwise specified during the booking procedure.

    In the unlikely event that an administrative error results in an incorrect price being displayed, we reserve the right to adjust the price. In these cases, you will not be required to complete your purchase, cancellation fees may not apply, no contract will apply, and we will request that you email us to confirm the action.
  2. Reservations made by phone
    Reservations made by phone are handled by advisors who are on the job. The tourist or caller can inquire about prices, details, or schedules, as well as make reservations. When making a reservation over the phone, the caller must write down the agent's name and direct phone number in order to contact the appropriate agent in the future. All payment methods are accepted for telephone reservations (card, cash, bank transfer, deposit payment, etc.). The caller may provide payment or credit card information over the phone in order for the agent to generate and complete the caller's reservation in the central reservation system. (Invoices can be obtained upon request and are readily available.)
  3. Financial security and payment verification
    We are retail agents for ATOL and IATA companies. The air holidays in our brochure are ATOL protected because we act as an agent for tour companies that are licenced by the Civil Aviation Authority. In the unlikely event that we fail, the CAA will ensure that you are not stranded abroad and will make arrangements to refund any money you have paid to us for an advance booking. More information is available on the ATOL website at www.atol.org.uk. If you book scheduled airline flights, Schedule Airline Failure Insurance (SAFI) will be added to your bill. For complete information on the financial protection in place for your reservation, please inquire at the time of booking.
  4. How safe are you?
    We have designed a double-checked, error-proof system for our customers' financial security. The tourist is informed of the total cost of purchase / charged amount in this system and is asked to confirm the same with her/his bank in order for us to guarantee transparency and accuracy after the reservation is completed over the phone and the confirmatory email with all flight details is sent to the tourist.

    A secondary confirmation of the total transaction amount as shown on the traveler's or buyer's statement, as well as the transaction's authorization code, may be requested. To obtain this information, you can either verify your statement online or call the relevant bank.

    The total must exactly match our records (it cannot be a round number but rather pounds and a few cents). When the payment on the traveler's statement does not match the accounts records in our firm, tickets cannot be issued (compliancy check failure).
    Tickets are issued immediately after the tourist or buyer verifies the total amount in exact figures (pounds and pence) and the payment approved matches 100% with the company records / accounts.
  5. Policy on changes and cancellations
    The following changes and cancellation policies apply to all of these things, regardless of how a reservation was made or how a holiday or package was purchased.
  6. Advice for Travelers
    The Foreign and Commonwealth Travel Advice Unit may have published information about your vacation destination, travel, immunisation, security, and visa requirements. Please check with the relevant department or receive trustworthy information from them before booking any trip plans, tickets, lodging vouchers, or other services with us.
  7. Additional costs incurred as a result of a scheduled airline failure
    Any additional costs must be claimed directly from the "governing body," which in this case is the airline. The agency accepts no responsibility for any additional costs, but we do promise our assistance and counsel when it comes to submitting claims, following up, or providing supplier or airline contact information (as available to us). Please also see Section 6 of Changes and Cancellations 6.0. (b).
If you have any questions about these Terms and Conditions, please contact us atnadir@anytimeflightsupport.com